Scalini Fedeli


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Scalini Fedeli

63 Main St Chatham, NJ

I was at Scalini Fedeli for a special occasion. The food was out of this world, The atmosphere romantic, you have a feeling of having the place to yourself. Service was Top notch. 

Here is what others are saying…..”Risotto – wow!!  So good.”  
“Pork chop – this is out of this world!” “Egg ravioli – wow!” “Salmon special so yummy” “Chocolate truffle cake- intensely delicious” “This place is great!” “The potato crusted red snapper….. it was the most perfectly cooked fish I’ve ever even seen.” “Everything was simply delicious. it’s hard to pick a favorite restaurant, but this one is mine, hands down!” “Simply one of the finest Italian restaurants in New Jersey!” “The wine list is very vast and has something for everyone” “The food was excellent and the service great.” “I tried everyone’s dishes and each one was very good.”  “Wow.  Chef is a master.  Service is impeccable.”

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