Chatham Borough Farmers Market


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Peaches at the Chatham Borough Farmers Market
Chatham Borough Farmers Market

2019 is the Chatham Borough Farmers’ Market’s 13th season of providing Jersey Fresh produce and other local products to its patrons. I recently moved to Chatham so the trip to the train station where the Chatham Borough Farmers Market is located is a welcomed trek. Located a short walk from town so you can enjoy a stroll around Main street. The market is not large, but it is well stock with the right products, so it gives a quaint old world feel. The produce is fresh and locally grown and the vendors are welcoming and fair. It is worth the trip.

Vegetable Stand at the Chatham Borough Farmers Market

Here Is What Others Say:

“The Chatham Borough farmers’ market is held every Saturday morning and offers a huge variety of fresh produce, also many ready-to-eat foods.  I love coming here because the prices are startlingly fair (considering it’s in Chatham Borough) and on Saturday I usually have time to cook the stuff I bring home. ” Love the fact that this farmers market is “do-able” for those of us with mobility issues. In and out in about 20 minutes. Lots of folks buying local corn, tomatoes, blueberries, etc., as it is July!

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